Children of Promise’s “Yes I Can” contest has identified 10 winners for this year…

As we did this event for the second time, we welcomed contestants from other provinces of the country as well. This year 10 contestants from 5 different provinces have become winners of the contest, and they will enjoy a trip to Hong Kong in May or July.

Please pray for safe and rewarding experiences for all of our contestants and their families!

Like last year, works of our contestants have continued to amaze and encourage us. KC (a winning contestant) is an 11-year-old boy with cerebral palsy. His plan was to train himself to do a better job feeding himself, without making a big mess. Other than all the hard work he put into his (feeding) training, we were also very impressed with how he shared his plan with us. KC used his feet to type on a tablet for 10 days!

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Congratulations to all of the contestants and their families! Through participating in this experience they have all strived to be more independent and attempted new skills. This is amazing for parents to see what their children Can Do, regardless of their disability.

Children of Promise is providing services to families with children with disabilities in Asia. Students and parents learn skills and are provided with support, and in the process changing attitudes and perspectives about disabilities.

Children of Promise is a Global Horizons Inc. partner project.