Children of Promise continues to function as the country of China works to contain the virus and protect the people.


From Children of Promise’s February 2020 newsletter:

We Stay Home

Even though Lunar New Year holidays was supposed to be over, we are told by the government to stay home. Businesses, malls, parks, schools, etc are all closed, except for supermarkets and pharmacies.


We Pray

All Christians in the country have been praying very earnestly for God’s mercy and healing! Children of Promise have formed several prayer groups to pray together online every day.


We Work From Home

Children of Promise resumed work yesterday. Some of us work from home and do meetings online. Some of us study at home and do discussions online. There are also a few of us who have to take few more days off due to different reasons.


Prayer Items:

  • Please pray for wisdom for the government to deal with the crisis.
  • Please pray for healing of the sick.
  • Please pray for consolation of those who have lost loved ones.
  • Please pray for strength and courage for the medical teams.
  • Please pray for the outbreak of the coronavirus to be over.


He will call out to me, “You are my Father, my God, the Rock my Savior.”     Psalms 89:26

Children of Promise works with children disabilities in China, providing therapy, in-home care, training for caregivers, and transitional services.

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