Bibles for Africa

Business-As-Mission Ministry Providing Access to Audio Bibles

Bibles for Africa is a Global Horizons Inc. partner project.

Our Story

Nearly half the world does not have access to a Bible in their own language.  In these areas, there may be non-readers or oral cultures that primarily learn through hearing. The Talking Bible was designed to address this problem. A Talking Bible is a digital audio device for those who cannot read, or learn better through listening instead of reading.

In East Africa there are many millions of people who cannot read – yet they are hungry to hear God’s Word.  These Talking Bibles are placed with non-readers through local churches with training provided by Talking Bibles International and their partners.

Our Impact

Profits generated through Bibles For Africa Thrift Store will be used to support the ministry efforts of Talking Bibles International – East Africa program.

The thrift store will serve local Twin Cities immigrants and the community by providing gently used and low-cost goods. The store will also provide opportunities for building relationships and loving the people served. Bibles For Africa invites area churches to support the store with volunteers. This provides volunteers with an opportunity to be part of a local and global ministry.

The Bibles For Africa Thrift Store and it’s volunteers are excited to provide thousands of Talking Bibles through revenues generated by the store.  Each person helping as a volunteer or donating items is significant and is helping us send these Bibles.  Through each of these Talking Bibles 30, 50 and often more than 100 people have access to the Bible.

Your donation will help our thrift store get off the ground and provide audio Bibles to those without access in East Africa!

"The Talking Bible is a great blessing for those of us who can’t read. Listening to God’s Word has strengthened our faith and opened our eyes to many deadly deceptions. You are doing a great work of saving souls."    -Viko, Bible recipient.  


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