Children's Ministry Agape Farm

Zambia, Africa

Children's Ministry Agape Farm is a partner project of Global Horizons Inc.

Our Story

Missionary Diane Gorham is passionately sharing the gospel through her ministry, Children’s Ministry Agape Farm.

The mission of Agape Farm is to fulfill the great commandment, to go and make disciples of all people and teach them to observe the gospel.

Our Impact

Agape Farm is a non-denominational Christian organization providing schooling, teaching farming skills, and offering medical clinic services. It is located in a rural area of Zambia, Africa, where the community’s living conditions are primitive. It can be challenging to find clean water, adequate shelter, and employment.

To make an impact in these conditions, Diane and Children’s Ministry Agape Farm addresses opportunities for economic development and encourages hard work and Christian discipleship.

The ministry extends its reach by visiting prisons, hospitals and mental institutions. ministering to those who are sick or who may be forgotten.

Your donation helps us provide teachers and classroom supplies for our 300 students, in addition to community outreach!

"I was born again when I was in prison.  It was at this time I met Diane Gorham, who was preaching the word of God at the KAMFINSA State prison. It was then that I turned back and followed Jesus. After prison, Diane did not think of my past but welcomed me in her house and paid for my Bible schooling for 3 years. By faith, she trusted me until she proved that I am a changed man. Can anything good come out of PRISON?! I am now a Pastor and Director of Children's Ministries at Agape Farm!"                                                                     - Pastor Patrick Banda


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