Partner Projects

Project list size 320 x 225

Mexico - Laura & Juan Salazar

Providing care for homeless children and serving the needs of seniors, through the Adulam Children's Home and senior center.

Project list size 320 x 225 (2)

East Africa - Paul Lindberg

Offering audio Bibles in local languages for populations without access to the Gospel.


Asia - Siu Yuk Zaino

Providing services for children and young adults with disabilities, as well as support for their families.

Agape Farm

Zambia - Diane Gorham

Providing schooling, teaching farming skills, and offering medical clinic services in a rural area of Zambia, Africa.


Cameroon - Emmanuela Nyam

Developing and spreading Christian education material for children and parents in Cameroon.


Sudan - Nikolao Vuni

Supporting pastors and lay church leaders as they work for reconciliation in the communities of Sudan.


India - Thangboi Haokip

Providing high-quality K-10 Christian education for poor children and their families in the southeast corner of Manipur.

Kindergarten Two


Helping children in India to break the cycle of poverty by providing tuition and needed instructional supplies.


Kenya - Emily & Dan Okall

Educating and serving the local community through income generation and food security workshops, childhood education, and healthcare support.


Global - Ruth Conard

Discipleship training programs and conferences to equip women leaders.


Global - Paul Arneson

Coaching, training and consulting to help build up leaders for the Kingdom.



Offering Global Christian Training to mobilize church teams around the country.


Ghana - Albert Botchway

Challenging churches to make discipleship a priority by equipping their leaders to become agents of change.


Asia - KP & JP

Providing special education, physical therapy, life skills training, medical care and foster care to children with special needs.


Sierra Leone - Alfred Sesay

Serving as a bridge between leaders and their home communities through networking and social entrepreneurship programs.


Offering consulting to ministries, missionaries and non-profits to support them in areas of finance, marketing, communications, operations, and more.


Sid Teske

Offering training and outfitting in clowning as a vehicle for evangelism on short term mission teams.


India - Janga

Preaching the Good News, planting churches, training pastors, and bringing positive transformation to the communities in India.


Ghana - Thomas Oduro

Providing biblical, theological, and pastoral education primarily to leaders of African Instituted Churches (AICs).

Project list size 320 x 225 (1)

South America - Papo and Jill Jaulis

Serving as pastors and leaders for a church plant in a small village in Peru.


Asia - JRLSL

Mentoring small businesses in rural Asia through friendship, advice, and training.


Ghana - Esther Manyeyo Tawiah

Helping women in Ghana acquire new skills to seek employment, grow spiritually, and gain confidence.


Kenya - Domnic Misolo

Fighting for equality and justice for women and girls in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Uganda - Sam Tsapwe

Offering Gospel video ministry to communities, schools, prisons and church groups.


Daan Klem

Providing computing devices to schools, orphanages, churches, and social programs in developing countries.


Mexico - Javier Altamirano and Rebecca Wynia

Empowering instructors to consciously share positive values with at-risk youth in Mexico.


Uganda - Sam Soita

Creating sustainable change in communities through physical resources, problem-solving, and agricultural and pastoral training.


Germany - Anna & David Mansfield

Supporting missionaries in the community through resources, prayer, personal retreats and coaching.


Croatia - Mihal Kreko

A comprehensive community center to serve the needs of the city by being salt and light.


Ghana - Jacob Hiagbe

Preaching the gospel, establishing Christian schools, and promoting missionary endeavors in Ghana.


South Africa - Brendon & Gaylene Adams

Spreading messages of hope through feeding programs, cultural exchange programs, and music ministry.


Ghana - Thomas Oduro

Helping African Instituted Churches develop and become more biblical in every way.


USA - Susan & Larry Fannon

Traveling the US in an RV, sharing God’s love and blessing to those they meet in hopes of transforming the nation.


Ghana - Rosemond Owens

Advancing literacy efforts and improving sanitation conditions.


Uganda - Donna Foley

Improving quality of life for vulnerable children through holistic care while also supporting caregivers, and communities.


Kenya - Sammy Njiru

Reaching to today’s generation to change tomorrow’s world.


Croatia - Mihal Kreko

A community center demonstrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it’s power expressed through justice, love and hope for the population.