Sanitation and Literacy Ghana

SALG is a partner project of Global Horizons Inc.

Our Story

Rosemond Owens is the project leader of Sanitation and Literacy Ghana (SALG).  Together with her husband Isaac Owens, this ministry has a combined mission to advance literacy efforts and improve sanitation conditions, in Ghana.

By attending to the needs of the people, the ministry seeks to point them to the Lord.

Our Impact

SALG aims to improve the quality of education in Africa through provision of literacy materials that enable students to acquire knowledge and achieve their potential. The poorest performing schools in Ghana will be equipped with books and educational materials. SALG intends to extend their reach to equip community libraries with books and internet access, to serve as hubs of learning and enterprise in the poorest communities. This is made possible through partnership with Books for Africa.

To improve sanitation, SLAG uses the GSAP Microflush toilet.The new system will replace the open face latrines that are currently used, with a biodegradable toilet. By using a Maker-Lender system, even the poorest of households will have access to the microflush toilets. The creation of the toilets will provide jobs and start-up small businesses in areas where employment opportunities are in lacking.

Your gift provides children living in one of the poorest communities with an opportunity to learn through the creation of a memorial library!

“I believe you are doing a great service to us in the northern part of the country. Where else could we have found these books? The quality of information found in these books is not like what we find on our markets. As for me, I am grateful and encourage you to continue”. - seminary student


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