What We Do

Restoring the Kingdom

by Launching and Supporting Ministries

GHI recognizes cultural diversity and is passionate about mobilizing leaders who are engaging and selfless, pursuing reconciliation horizontally between people, God, and ideas. Through projects that provide interventions, development, and reconciliation, these leaders and projects seek to: 

  • validate the honor and dignity of all creation
  • create environments and activities leading to reconciliation with chaos and dysfunction
  • empower marginalized people to become all that God would have them become

vertical and horizontal

Holistic Gospel

gospel for the poor

Demonstrating Love and Honor

through godly actions and relationships


equipping the next generation

GHI's Mission
Social Justice

a voice for the voiceless

Education and Development

changing the way people think

Restoring Identity and Dignity

valuing and empowering the marginalized


working side-by-side

Empowering leaders to follow their passions

News from the GHI Office

Featured Project: Youngsters for Christ

Feb 8, 2017

Youngsters for Christ Team (YCT) is an interdenominational ministry committed to encourage, disciple, and to empower God’s people in their homes, schools, colleges, and villages.  YCT works to partner with the local churches to help develop mature, disciple souls of Jesus Christ, especially among the least reached in society. We do this within our indoor/…

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