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Kamuli District, Uganda

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Our Story

Uganda has the world’s youngest population, with 78% of its population under the age of 30.

  • Median age - 15 years old
  • Life expectancy - 53 years old
  • Average income - $300 annually, less than $1 per day
  • Female head of households 48%
  • Orphans - 2.5 million almost half due to AIDS

Rev. James Akuwa founded Care for Destitute Ministries Uganda to reach the most vulnerable with the message of hope.

Mission: to serve individuals and families of the poorest communities so that we grow together in the communion of God, and we exist to mobilize resources and relationships to empower communities and improve lives in Uganda.

Program objectives:

  1. To provide education support/sponsorship for destitute children (orphans and those whose families cannot afford school costs) and build a well-equipped orphanage center/school.
  2. To provide medical care through constructing medical centers and providing access to clean water.
  3. To solve the problem of school dropouts by setting up educational training programs.
  4. To provide economic opportunities and strength.
  5. To build capacity for self-help, provide support to the widows, and promote human and children’s rights.
  6. To deliver relief in emergencies.

Our Impact

Currently, C4DMU is sponsoring 250 children, enabling them to attend Zion Lutheran Church & School- Mukono, and other schools in Kamuli to fulfill its education program. 200 are in primary school, 20 are in high school, and 30 are in training programs.

500 families have received support through home visits, emergency food/shelter/clothing, spiritual counseling, and prayer.

750 clients have received health care services for illnesses, infections, or dental care.

145 families have been trained in farming crops such as maize, beans, cocoa, and coffee, or animal husbandry with chickens and pigs.

Our urgent need is clean water. Will you join us in building a well?

Children and families are drinking, bathing, and washing their clothes in dirty water.

They don't have access to any other water and this water often causes diseases, and even death. Before focusing on our additional goals for the community, first, we need safe, clean water.


As of July 2023, we have raised $2,732 of our $16,000 goal.


If 100 people give $135 we will meet our goal!


Any amount, even $5.00, the same amount spent on a cup of coffee, will help meet the basic need of clean water for a community of 1000 people.

"C4DMU is a Christian-centered organization. We value the spiritual growth of individuals, families, and communities. Therefore, we reach out to all ages with a message of hope and teach the word of God."                                                                                     - Rev. James Akuwa

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