The Application Process

Become a GHI Partner Project!

  1. Review the partnership levels and expectations.
  2. Complete the GHI Partnership Application. 
    • Pay the registration fee.
    • Upload 3 photos and a recent newsletter.
    • Upload your resume. (optional)
    • Read our Statement of Faith and sign in agreement.
    • For Provisional level applications, send our link to 3 references.
    • **You can start the application and save your work to return later.
  3. Within two weeks of receiving your application materials, we will contact you to schedule a zoom call. (The application must be filled out completely, materials submitted, references received, payment received, and then your application will be reviewed.)
  4. We send the complete application to our New Project Team for review.
  5. We will let you know when your project is approved!



We have 3 levels of partnership: Preliminary, Provisional, and Full Partnership.


The preliminary level is designed for projects who are new to fundraising and would like to operate under nonprofit status but are still in the early stages of building up their donor base. This partnership will be reviewed after 6 months, and if expectations are met they will move up levels.

($25 Application Fee)

For a monthly fee of 9% of project donations GHI will provide:

- Ability to do Facebook (or other 3rd party) Online fundraising via connection to GHI.
- Donation processing, bookkeeping, disbursement of funds, monthly reports with balance information.
- Coaching, mentoring, feedback, recommendations, encouragement, and prayer upon request.

Expectations of a fully engaged GHI Project:

- An active and engaged Project Leader.
- Development of a 3 person US-Based Project Team.
- Create a Facebook page for the project.
- Actively sharing about the project and fundraising online via Facebook.
- Regular reports/updates on the status of the project including impact stories to an expanding mailing list.


The majority of projects start here at the Provisional level. After 1 year at the Provisional level, projects meeting expectations will move to Full Partnership, with approval from the GHI Board.

($75 Application Fee)

For a monthly fee of 9% of project donations ($25 per month minimum) GHI will provide Preliminary level service plus:

- An individual online donation link with donations accepted via credit card/debit/ACH bank account (one-time and monthly donation options).
- Donation receipting.
- Monthly report of donor contact information and giving records.
- A webpage on, an individual donation page, and inclusion on project lists.

Expectations of a fully engaged GHI Project:

- An active and engaged Project Leader and US-Based Project Team of at least 3 people (at least 2 of which are not related to the project leaders.)
- A US-Based church or church leader engaged/supportive of the Project Leader and the project.
- Create a Facebook page for the project.
- Actively sharing about the project and fundraising.
- Creation of an annual budget and working toward at least $3000 in annual donations each calendar year.
- Project Leader responds to GHI Staff requests within 5-business days.
- Regular Updates (6 a year) containing stories, photos, prayer requests, contact info, and giving info.  These updates to be sent to both donors and GHI.


Full Partnership is available upon successful completion of Provisional level requirements and GHI Board approval. When you come on board we ask you to sign a partnership agreement, which is renewed periodically thereafter.

GHI is committed to your mission/ministry work and wants you to be successful!

Having a team, fundraising, and regularly updating donors are all necessary pieces for a thriving mission project.


GHI is not responsible for the actions of its projects, project leaders, international staff, or volunteers that may happen as a result of ministry activities.  GHI does not raise funds for its projects and GHI does not lend funds.  Project leaders are considered independent contractors, are not employed by GHI, and are responsible for their own taxes.  GHI does not insure ministry leaders while they travel and/or do ministry.  GHI highly recommends that all leaders carry health insurance, travel insurance, and liability insurance.  The Project Leader agrees to hold GHI, its staff, and its board blameless for any losses, issues, or problems that develop regarding their ministry project.

Questions? Send us a message or contact us by phone at 612-294-0419.

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