Other Ways to Give

How to donate stock

Donations of stock is one of the most beneficial ways for you to give.

Your gift of stock is tax-deductible.

You are able to avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation.


  1. Electronic transfer – Contact your broker or financial institution to complete the electronic transfer to Global Horizons Inc. with the following information:
    -Organization name: Global Horizons Inc.
    - Account: 4VH-050963
    - DTC: 0443
    - Pershing, LLC
  2. IMPORTANT - Contact us, Global Horizons Inc., by email giving@globalhz.org or by phone 612-294-0419 with the following information:
    - Name of the stock

    - Number of shares
    - Date of transfer
    - Name of GHI Partner Project you are supporting

*Stock funds are transferred to Global Horizon Inc.’s account without additional information. In order for us to identify your gift, direct it to the GHI Partner Project of your choice, and send a tax receipt, you will need to provide us with the gift details above.

If you have additional questions, you may contact GHI’s investment professional, Jason Hedstrand at 651-426-7375.


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Donate through Thrivent

Thrivent allows its eligible members to live generously with an opportunity to recommend where Thrivent distributes its charitable outreach funds each year. Members have until March 31st of each year to direct their Choice Dollars.

A second option at Thrivent is to make a personal donation to Global Horizons Inc. through their online giving platform.

Global Horizons Inc. is an enrolled organization of Thrivent. 

Direct Thrivent Choice Dollars:

  1. Visit the Thrivent website to log into your account and direct your Thrivent Choice Dollars (by clicking on the box below you will be directed to the Thrivent website).

    To direct your Thrivent Choice Dollars via phone contact Thrivent’s Member Care Services at 800-847-4836.
  2. IMPORTANTContact us at Global Horizons to tell us which GHI Partner Project you would like to direct your Choice Dollars toward by email to giving@globalhz.org or by phone 612-294-0419.

Make a personal donation through Thrivent:

  1. Visit the Thrivent website, click here.
  2. Type "Global Horizons Inc" in the charity organization search box.
  3. IMPORTANTContact us at Global Horizons to tell us which GHI Partner Project you would like to receive your Thrivent donation, by email to giving@globalhz.org or by phone 612-294-0419.
GCDA - Izam and Kauna

**100% of your donation through Thrivent's online giving platform goes to the charity you select.

Thrivent generously covers all credit card and processing fees.

How to give with Employer Matching
  1. Talk to the Human Resources representative at your company. Ask for your matching funds to be donated to "Global Horizons Inc."
  2. IMPORTANT - Contact us at Global Horizons to tell us the name of your employer and which GHI Partner Project you would like your funds to go toward, by email to giving@globalhz.org or by phone 612-294-0419.
  3. When we receive the funds, it will be distributed to the Partner Project that you selected.
FASE - health care initiative
IRA Distributions and Donor Advised Funds

Contact your IRA holding company or Donor Advised Fund and request a check be issued to GHI /"name of your Partner Project"

and mailed to:

GHI/"name of your Partner Project"
P.O. Box 64059
Eagan, MN 55164-0059


*If you need specific wording on your receipt beyond our standard message contact Daan Klem at giving@globalhz.org or 612-294-0419.

Global Horizons Inc. is a tax-exempt nonprofit and serves as a "Qualified Charitable Organization" able to receive IRA distributions.

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*To inquire about additional giving options not listed on this page, please contact us at giving@globalhz.org or 612-294-0419.

Thank you for supporting GHI and our partner projects!