Children of Promise  

Partnering with Families of Children with Disabilities

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Our Story

The Children of Promise center provides services for children through young adult ages, as well as support for their families. They offer therapies, teaching/learning of skills, promote independent living, work participation and spiritual growth. Staff is able to visit students in their homes to offer further assistance.

They also work in conjunction with a local Christian school, to promote inclusive education, by supporting teachers and families.

Extended family support services are also available for consultation, counseling, coaching, and career training.

Our Impact

In our country of service, society often tells the parents of these children to just abandon them. We seek to encourage and support these families in the difficult, but morally correct decision to keep their child with disabilities.

Children of Promise seeks to address additional needs, teaming up with local groups to provide family support services for those with mental illness.

Your donation will provide access to services for children with disabilities and their families!

"A young man with cerebral palsy... It took 3 years to get his parents to agree for him to use walkers.  Since then, he's been taking his walker with him everywhere: parks, hiking trails, school, and a marathon, too. He is now able to walk on his own, without his walker, for an extensive distance, just as promised!"
- Siu Yuk Zaino


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