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Graduation photo of a student shaking hands with a professor, accepting her diploma.

Our Story

Good News Theological Seminary (GNTS), led by Rev. Dr. Thomas Oduro, is an interdenominational institution of higher learning founded in 1971. It provides education and formation services primarily to leaders of African Instituted Churches (AICs), but extends it's programs to include other churches.

These churches are established, funded, spread, led, and administered by Africans.

The seminary is a center for creating understanding and mutual respect for the body of Christ. Therefore, pastors and church workers from many Christian backgrounds and persuasions study, pray, worship, play and interact together.

The inter-denominational composition of the faculty, staff and learners has been a learning tool since the uniqueness and giftedness of each person are blended beautifully to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ in a servant-leadership manner.


Our Impact

The seminary is equipping pastors with the skills and knowledge to share the gospel, as voices for the voiceless, transforming their communities. This ministry is providing training that would not otherwise be available to it's participants.

Within the community, GNTS operates six skills development centers to equip pastoral leaders with skills to supplement their income through improved farming techniques, bread baking, and weaving. This training has extended to include single mothers, high school graduates and widows.

Your donation will enable us to continue equipping pastors and offering skills trainings within the greater community!

"The four years I spent in the seminary can be described as a period of enlightenment. I carried several assumptions about the Bible and Christianity prior to my seminary experience. However, by the help of the lecturers and the grace of God, those assumptions were dispelled, while we were fed with the truth of the Gospel. In addition, we were made to go through several physical, mental, and spiritual activities that adequately prepared us for the work of ministry."                  -Telvis Kankam, GNTS Graduate

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