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Empowering Children with Education in Nairobi, Kenya

Hope Academy - school children and staff

Our Story

The vision of Hope Academy was inspired by Dr. Tom Chore, to establish a school that would provide academic excellence to underserved children, while also ensuring their holistic development.

Hope Academy is located in Tassia, a densely populated urban area near Nairobi, Kenya. The community faces economic and social challenges. Generations have struggled with limited educational resources leading to adult illiteracy and low-paying jobs. Families find themselves in a perpetual struggle to meet basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing, leaving parents unable to afford school fees. To break this cycle, Hope Academy provides education at no cost, while also offering each child a nourishing meal.

We believe that education is a powerful tool for social change and are committed to providing an opportunity for children to thrive academically and socially, and ultimately break the cycle of poverty.

Our Impact

Hope Academy is a Christian-based, private nonprofit school. We opened our doors in 2010 with temporary structures as our first school classrooms.

The school currently serves 100 students, ages 3 years to 7th grade, incorporating Christian values into a comprehensive curriculum.

Our goal is to construct a permanent school building with the capacity to serve 1000 students. Plans have been drawn up and construction is underway. The new building will have classrooms, a chapel, a dining hall, and an administration block.

To provide no-cost education to our students, we rely on donations for school operations. We have the strong support of our local church and also raise funds within the larger community. To meet our goal to build a permanent school serving 1000 students, we are expanding our efforts to invite the global community to join us!


The mission of HOPE ACADEMY is to empower individuals through education, promote social inclusion, and foster sustainable change.


Education for All:
strives to provide access to quality education to all children, regardless of their socioeconomic background, by establishing schools or learning centers in underserved areas. The organization believes that education is a fundamental right and a powerful tool for breaking the cycle of poverty.

Holistic Development:

committed to nurturing the holistic development of students, including their cognitive, emotional, physical, and social well-being. The organization provides a supportive and inclusive learning environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, character-building, and life skills development.


Community Empowerment:
recognizes the importance of community engagement and involvement in the education process. The organization collaborates with local communities, parents, and stakeholders to create a sense of ownership, promote cultural sensitivity, and ensure the sustainability of the education programs.


Equal Opportunities:
promotes equality and inclusivity by providing equal educational opportunities regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, or any other form of discrimination. The organization strives to address social inequalities and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of its operations.


Sustainable Change:
dedicated to creating long-term, sustainable change in the lives of the students and the communities it serves. The organization focuses on providing education that empowers individuals to become self-reliant, active citizens, and agents of positive change in their communities.

How You Can Help

Building Project

Hope Academy - proposed building poster 2

Together was can break the cycle of poverty for 1000 students!

Our current temporary classrooms have walls that are deteriorating, ripped plastic coverings, and water seeping in when it rains. Classes are often canceled due to wet weather with no other spaces to serve as classrooms. With your support, we can build a proper learning environment for children to grow and thrive.

  • Plans are in place for the development of a multi-level educational facility designed to serve as a beacon of learning and community engagement.
  • Capacity 1000 students.
  • Classrooms to include specialized rooms for art, science laboratories, and music.
  • Multi-purpose facilities that support both educational and community functions, including a kitchen and dining hall, a fellowship hall, and a church worship space/school chapel.
  • Total cost = $791,400 (We have already raised $91,400!)


Phases of Construction

Foundation and Groundwork - this phase is underway!

Phase 1: Structural framework, electrical, plumbing, and flooring

Phase 2: Interior finishings and specialized classrooms

Phase 3: Multipurpose facilities and appliances

Students are served a free meal.

       School Feeding Program


Hope Academy ensures that no child goes hungry, providing each student with a nourishing meal alongside their education.

As part of our holistic approach, we recognize that student nutrition is necessary for learning.


$1500 per month sustains this program (or $15 per child/month).

Join us in providing education and hope for underserved children, empowering them to achieve a brighter future.

"The Gospel message informs the values and ethics that are promoted within HOPE ACADEMY. This will involve teaching students about the importance of love, compassion, forgiveness, and service based on Christian teachings. It also involves encouraging students to develop a sense of moral responsibility, social justice, and stewardship towards the environment and their communities."                                                                                     - Dr. Tom Chore

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