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Our Story

As Pastor at Saving Grace Church and Professor of Technology at North Central University, Colin Miller recognized a need to make transformative education in data science accessible to individuals with passion but lacking means. Empowerment through knowledge and skills in data analytics leads to better career opportunities and personal growth. We can further enhance our teaching by bridging the gap in tech education, fostering a new breed of data analyst who is technically proficient and personally reflective.

Additionally, within the church, Pastor/Professor Miller saw the need for a comprehensive training program to counter the underrepresentation of African American individuals in global missions. By offering training sessions to enhance spiritual growth and cross-cultural understanding students could be prepared for effective participation in global missions. The outcome would be a more inclusive and diverse representation in global missions.

Our Impact

IGV's goal is to engage 3,600 young African American individuals in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul area by providing theological education, leadership development, and training.

We offer 2 training opportunities:

1. A 10-week comprehensive curriculum in data science covering Python, data manipulation, and visualization techniques, while integrating personal development and faith.

2. Mission trips and cross-cultural exposure activities. Spiritual growth and theological education are key components throughout the training. Possible opportunities:

Evangelism Ministry
: Participants share the Gospel through various interactive methods, fostering direct spiritual engagement with communities.

Medical and Construction Ministries: These activities embody Christian compassion and service, demonstrating practical love and care.

Children's and Teaching Ministries: Activities and educational sessions, including Bible teachings, nurture spiritual growth in both children and adults.

Prayer and Worship Ministries: Dedicated prayer and worship sessions deepen the spiritual experience, emphasizing communal and individual faith.

Post-Mission Support: Dedication to reflection and growth allows participants to receive support in processing and building upon their mission experiences.

Your donation will provide transformative data science education for underrepresented populations and global missions outreach.

"Put on the whole armor of God. The most important one is the belt of truth. We walk in the truth. Jesus says, I am the way the truth and the life."                                                                - Pastor/Professor Colin Miller

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