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Empowering Instructors and Youth in Latin America

Instructor Gabriel and a group of children from Casa Hogar Adonai orphange.
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Our Story

Mentor A Mentor is the vision of Javier Altamirano and Rebecca Wynia. Their mission is to empower sports instructors to consciously share positive values with at-risk youth in Mexico. This maximizes the instructors’ potential as local role models through an effective continuous education and discipleship program.

In Mexico, unemployment, a poor educational system, lack of parental involvement, lack of after-school activities and poverty all contribute to youth joining gangs. The influence sports instructors have on their students is often greater than that of parents during teenage years.

Our Impact

Mentor A Mentor provides training to sports instructors in encouraging the development of Godly values, using their training to mentor new instructors, and on-going education (CPR training, social work, Christian guidance). The youth receive participation in sports activities and sustained quality time with supportive adults. The program is currently serving youth living in an orphanage in Chihuahua, an after school program in Juarez, and additional mentoring activities in other areas of Mexico.

We have extended our program to Colombia, offering mentoring to at-risk youth in martial arts, robotics, and other activities.

Your donation will provide supportive mentoring that puts at-risk youth on a path for a hope-filled future.

"I have the good fortune to feel proud of having learned this martial art (Capoeira)...With the first Bautizado I participated in, I felt excited and proud of how I had begun to learn, slowly but surely, and realized what it was I could actually achieve...Our instructor is amazing."  - Youth Testimony


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