Mission: Moving Mountains 

Mbale District of Uganda

Our Story

Mission: Moving Mountains is a project in the Mbale District of Uganda, under the direction of Rev. Sam Soita. M:MM facilitates community development and discipleship, creating locally-led change for those in need, advancing their economic opportunities and physical resources in a sustainable way.

Our Impact

The work done through M:MM has covered everything from wells that provide clean drinking water, vibrant new churches, and improved agricultural techniques, to new skill development in local leaders. These skills help the community solve problems together, use their own available resources, and trust in God as He continues to move their hearts toward Him.

  • Whole-life discipleship training for ministry and the community
  • Improved agricultural food production
  • Youth empowered with life skills
  • Self-initiated Income Generating Activities (IGA) for the community

Your monthly donation provides ongoing discipleship and development, for sustainable change in communities across Uganda!

"This support is a big starting point to sustain my family, otherwise things were terrible. Thanks be to those gracious donors through GHI and Mission: Moving Mountains. This support has released all the tension I have been having. Glory be to God! I’m so happy!”   - Situma


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