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Our Story

This project supports the work of Rev. Dr. Thomas Oduro who is the Chairman of the Organization of African Instituted Churches (OAIC) Ghana Chapter. The OAIC exists to assist African Independent Churches, some of the fastest growing churches in the world. Our joint goal is to help them develop and become more Biblical in every way.

Our Impact

Rev. Dr. Oduro’s travels within Ghana to hold seminars, assist in the writing of Sunday School Manuals, train and encourage local church leaders, and to lead workshops in Nigeria for OAIC church leaders. Rev. Dr. Oduro publishes articles and books on African Independent Churches. He also writes biographies for leaders of African Independent Churches (www.dacb.org) and supervises the publication by two other emerging scholars.

Build up strong Gospel-based church leadership and congregations in Ghana, by supporting the work of Rev. Dr. Thomas Oduro.  

“…it is a joy to see members of African Independent Churches performing their Christian duties with all seriousness. They rejoice in the presence of God; they are committed yet most of them are led by untrained clergy. …The AICs need more trained pastors.“   Rev. Dr. Thomas Oduro


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