Designed to Be Pillars

November 2021 Prayer Letter

With deep gratitude, Ruth says goodbye to the 17-year ministry of Designed To Be Pillars, plus what's next as she continues to serve and lift up God's design for women.



Dear Friend,

"You have kept me from being conquered by my enemy; You broke open the way to bring me to freedom into a beautiful, broad place"Psalm 31:8 (TPT).  This Scripture reflects the great JOY in my heart todayGod has surely brought me "to freedom into a beautiful, broad place!"

For 17 years, I have been given the strength, grace, and protection to announce the Good News (for both women and men) in many countries and among diverse people groups. I have not done that aloneeverbecause discerning, patient, godly men and women were beside me, counseling and praying over the ministry God placed in my hands. They know who they are...I cannot name them all here. But, certainly Bill, my husband, is primary, seeking open doors and encouraging me. At the beginning, when I had no idea how to go about this, Pastors Ron Saari, John Anderson, and Herb Klem believed in me and placed the ministry under the umbrella of Global Horizons Inc. Then John Hebeisen, Linda Pellmann, Sonja Dixon, and April Sanders were Pillars' Chairs who steered us forward. I am so grateful!

Also, for the faithful people who have ardently and continuously donated their funds, other support, and prayer for the ministry of Designed To Be Pillars these 17 years, I cannot begin to express my deep-felt thankfulnessit would never have happened without each of you!

Recently, I have discerned through prayer, my own feelings, and with others, that God has lifted the ministry of Pillars from my shoulders. I don't feel the call to continue Pillars. This is not a sadness but a joy, as God is guiding me toward the future.

In the Spring, I spoke at our church's first HER Conference. Several women came to know Christ, or are on the journey toward Him! November 19, I'm to be the plenary speaker in a church near Louisville, KY as they celebrate their first women's conference. I appreciate your prayer. I'm not seeking speaking engagements, but God is giving me these, along with mentoring and praying with others.

My current goal is to complete a two-year course, called Sustainable Faith, that prepares people to be a spiritual director.A spiritual director guides others in their relationship with God. I have finished my first year and love this! It is what I should be doing now. My own life has been transformed over the past 25 years through meeting with spiritual directors. God has brought three women for me to help them discover God's path for each of them.  How beautiful to watch as they become aware of the Holy Spirit's movement in their livessuch a privilege!

But my biggest JOY is that Pillars' ministry is not ending with this letter. Remember Kairos Theological Seminary of which I wrote last time? Pillars sent money in the past so women students could have real beds, and most recently funded five women in their studies.

In the last month, Kairos Seminary made the decision to create a Chair of Women's Studies. For the first time they will integrate Indian (not Western) history and culture into these classes, so students have a much better understanding of how the Gospel can penetrate their own culture, especially in the area of women's needs. I was excited to hear this, because two months earlier when our Pillars Council voted to end Pillars, they also voted to send the remaining funds ($3,000+) to Kairos Seminary! Only God!  These funds will undergird the Women's Studies Department.

    Pillars has officially closed as of November 1.  If you would still like to give toward this worthy cause at Kairos Seminary please do so by mail through Global Horizons, Inc., P.O. Box 64059, Eagan, MN 55164-0059. However, hereafter, 1Together, a mission we have partnered with before, is a great group to invest in, as they work in India and Haiti on behalf of women and children. Christy, our daughter, with another woman are the founders of this mission. You can give through the 1Together website or at this address: 406 E Olive Street, Arlington Heights, IL 60004.  You will receive a tax deductible receipt. Global Horizons, Inc., also has many mission endeavors worthy of your investment.

Recently I received a surprising letter from a young woman who, at age 13, was in our home. She wrote, "At that time I had never met a woman who had studied theology, was ordained, written a book, loved Jesus ardently, and was so happy as well! I thought the 'fun service' to God was reserved for men. I was trying to figure out my gifting without doing anything women weren't supposed to do." Now at 26, she has completed her MDiv and pastors in a church. Praise God!  We never know how our obedience will inspire someone else in the Kingdom.

Now, may the grace and joyous favor of the Lord Jesus Christ, the unambiguous love of God, and the precious communion that we share in the Holy Spirit be yours continually. Amen! 2 Corinthians 13:14 (TPT).

Lovingly and with great gratitude,


Ruth Tuttle Conard is the Founder and Pastoral Director of Designed To Be Pillars whose mission is to proclaim the truth of God's love and freedom for women, empowering each to stand with courage in her unique design.

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