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Sharing the gospel through music ministry in Cameroon.

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Our Story

In 2020, Elison Tango began serving as Worship Leader at Église Baptiste Bethléhem, a church plant in the capital city of Yaoundé, in Cameroon. Over time he started wrestling with questions about the content of the music he was performing and to which the congregation was passionately singing and dancing.

Were the songs serving the gospel message being preached? Was the music ministering to the hearts of those rejoicing or those suffering in pain? Are we just dancing to the sounds of the guitarist and pianist or are we worshiping because biblical truths about God are stirring our hearts?

Feeling a disconnect between the gospel message and the music, Elison started adding new content to some of the familiar Cameroon choruses. He started thinking about how to capture God's kindness in song. He also began writing theologically rich songs with a faster beat for the dancing community.

To continue development as a worship leader with a strong theological foundation, Elison earned a Master of Divinity at Bethlehem College and Seminary, Yaoundé, Cameroon extension. Determined to further enhance his education, Elision and his family traveled to Minneapolis, MN to attend Bethlehem College and Seminary and obtain a Master of Theology. He is currently a master's student in MN, with plans to go on to complete a doctoral degree while he is here in the US.

Upon completion of his education, Elison and his family plan to return to Cameroon and fulfill his vision of Strengthening Biblical Worship.

Our Impact

Our mission is to invite worship leaders throughout Cameroon to serve our congregations by:

  1. Writing biblically rich songs that fit our context.
  2. Organizing songwriting workshops to equip present and future songwriters.
  3. Motivating pastors to be actively involved in planning worship through song.
  4. Teaching seminarians the importance of corporate singing, when a congregation joins their voices together in song to praise God.

Your donation will provide leadership support in this effort to bring biblically-based worship music to Cameroon.

"My prayer is that through these songs God will move his people to become better students of his goodness, his impartiality, his holiness, his love, and his nearness as we sing and meditate. "
   - Elison Bongadezm Tango, Director of Strengthening Biblical Worship


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