US-Based Project Team

What does it mean to have a US-Based Project Team?

GHI requires all projects to have a US team consisting of at least 3 people (2 of whom are not related to the project leader) and the project leader.

The goals of the team are to discuss finances and budget, fundraising, communications, and project plans. Additionally, your team can pray, offer support, and assist you with building relationships in the US and staying connected with your US supporters.

Are there specific tasks for US-Based Project Team members?

Team members may be able to assist with activities that you plan as a team, such as communications/newsletters/mailings to donors and networks, social media, research, fundraising, and offering encouragement.

If my project is based internationally, do I still need a US-Based Project Team?

Yes. It's important for projects based internationally to maintain a strong relationship with US team members as they will help maintain your connections to supporters here in the US. The US Team ideally resides in the U.S.A., speaks English well and is willing to be the project’s liaison to the GHI office for purposes of communications, accountability and fundraising.

How often does a US-Based Project Team meet?

Each project sets their own schedules for meetings, but at least 3x per year.