Featured Project: Dala Development

Dala Development has a team of 17 employees, caring for patients in the education, prevention and treatment of cancer, who otherwise would not receive care. 

Rose’s story…
Among those we served at the medical camp was Rose. She is 25 years old, a widow, has little income, and lives in the village.

She came after being referred to us because she had breast discomfort. When Phyllis, one of our coordinators, evaluated her situation, she promptly arranged for her to be seen by the clinical oncologist we work with. After consultation, lab work, and reviews by a doctor, it was concluded that she needed a mastectomy.

Rose was distraught and afraid. She did not want to go for the surgery. But we thank God that by this time, our staff had built a trusted relationship with her. They encouraged her on, and four weeks ago the surgery was done successfully. Last week she came to our office to make arrangements to start radiotherapy treatment in Nairobi City.

Rose does not have a place to stay within the City. Thank God we have Joanna Hostel. Our staff booked her in and for the six weeks starting at the end of August she will have home care. Rose’s story encourages us on. Initial fear has been replaced by hope and joy.

Emily Okall, Dala Development project leader, shares exciting news…

The American Cancer Society (who has visited Joanna’s House in Nairobi) has partnered with KENCO (Kenya Network of Cancer Organizations) to offer an amazing training package for organizations like ours.

Regardless of how established and formalized the organization, ACS will help us all move in the direction needed to access grants and be recognized by authoritative bodies like the Ministry of Health.

We have passed the assessment stage and trainings will begin in July.”

Dala Development Program is a faith-based, grassroots development organization working to improve livelihoods in Upper Nyakach, Kenya.  Our strategy is to organize and mobilize the community’s own creativity in order to overcome the challenges they face, using the resources available to them.

All our programs have a spiritual development to it and are in line with our mission: to enable households to be economically stable, food secure, better educated, healthier, safer, and in loving relationship with one another, the environment, and God.

Dala Development is led by Emily and Dan Okall.

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