Featured Project: NHIE – 29:11 musical tour returns for 2019

New Hope International Exchange is gearing up for another tour of the musical group 29:11 from South Africa…this fall!

From Gaylene and Brendon Adams, directors of New Hope International Exchange:

We need your help to make this a success!

We’re looking for opportunities to meet with individuals or groups to talk about if you can be a part of this tour.

Obviously, financial support is the most critical right now. We thank you for all those who have supported us in prayer specifically regarding these visa appointments. We still have five other participants that need to attend these appointments and are trusting that our prayers and yours will continue to be heard.

There a total of 12 members coming we estimate $5000 per member as a financial need for the entire tour.

Please consider sponsoring a member either as an individual or family or church group?

We (Brendon and Gaylene)  will be available as needed to come and speak more about the vision for this particular exchange and how it is a response to the need to continue the reconciliation tour from a year and a half ago.

Send an Email to Gaylene and Brendon.

Visit the New Hope International Exchange webpage.

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