COVID-19 Relief Fundraiser for Poverty-Stricken Worldwide – Impact Report

Dear Supporter,

Thank you so much for your generous gift to Global Horizons Inc. during our recent COVID-19 Relief fundraiser of Summer 2020!

Your “yes” to supporting the work of our projects has been a concrete blessing to so many of our brothers and sisters who were struggling.  You have made a life-changing impact for so many families without sufficient resources to cope with this crisis.  More than 30 of you pulled together to raise 10,000 dollars in support of families in poverty-stricken communities.  Half of these funds were then doubled by a generous gospel-oriented foundation’s matching gift, bringing us to 15,000 dollars raised and distributed in total!

Read on to see the actual impact your gifts have had throughout the world!

Barefoot in Bogota – Peru

  • Delivered meal packs to 20 hungry families in a small village in Peru.

Cornerstone – India

  •  50 people fed and housed during the COVID lockdown. This included a widow and her 3 children.

·         “They were heavily in debt, helpless, and the children were out of school.  We desire to give them the opportunity for education, and help the mother learn to read the Bible.  By the grace of God they are making a good progress. The girl is in Kindergarten and the two boys are in Class 5 and 4. They all have begun to pray nicely and the mother wept with a penitent heart pleading for God’s forgiveness. It’s a joy to witness the Lord working in their lives through your generosity.”  – Project leader report 

Institution for Faith and Gender Empowerment – Kenya

Delivered 4 weeks’ worth of food and supplies to:

  • 50 physically disabled women headed households
  • 18 elderly retired clergy
  • 180 vulnerable families of women with young children
  • 16 elderly women in need

I’m very happy for you bringing me food. I’ve gone for two days without food. I lost two of my sons several years ago and now I don’t have anyone to support me.  In many occasions, I’ve feared I would die of hunger especially during this coronavirus crisis.  Thank you so much for your support, I didn’t know I could eat today or even tomorrow but you have come to my rescue.” – Relief recipient, Angelina

New Hope International – South Africa

    • Grocery distribution to local community during lock-down.
    • Elementary school and primary school feedings to kids otherwise going hungry.
    • Resumed community feeding programs with greater frequency when lock-down lifted.


Youngsters for Christ – Kenya

  • Delivered food packs to 78 families in Kibera Slums.
  • Packs consisted of maize meal, beans, sugar and cooking oil.
  • Set up 25 hand-washing stations and supplied with soap and clean water.

“One little boy, as soon as we brought the package into his home, clutched at the maize and began crying.  He was so excited to have porridge again and not be hungry anymore.”     – Project leader, Sammy Njiru

Mission: Moving Mountains – Uganda

  • 77 families helped!
  • Each family received 5 kg of Maize flour, materials for a “tippy tap” or hand-washing station, a bar of soap and face masks.

“This is great relief to me! I was having nothing for lunch today for my family! God is great! This flour will help me and my family for the whole of this week. I plan to use this bar of soap for one month. This support is a big starting point to sustain my family, otherwise things were terrible. Thanks be to those gracious donors through GHI and Mission: Moving Mountains. This support has released all the tension I have been having. Glory be to God! I’m so happy!”   – Situma, COVID-19 relief recipient

Global Capacities

·         CUBA:

  •  Severe shortages during lockdown, lines of 600 people waiting 10 hours to buy food.
  • Your donation helped those in need access chicken, pork, mutton, rice, grains, toothpaste, soap, and more.
  • “We are grateful for the financial aid sent and it has been very well received by us and our families to buy basic food and supplies that are scarce and expensive. Thank you, brothers, and we pray that God will bless and reward your generosity. In Christ.” Anonymous recipient

·         INDIA:

  • More than 40 families fed for the month of June.
  • Each hungry family received 25 kg flour, 10 kg rice, 2 kg lentils, 1 kg Soya nugget, 2 litres oil, 1 kg salt, and spices.

·         CAMBODIA:

  • Grocery packs delivered to the hungry in the local community and those day laborers who had lost their means of income.  

Jesus Film Ministries – Uganda


Betty and her grandchildren in Southwestern Uganda went into prayer and fasting to seek the Lords intervention in the severe impact of restrictions. When at the end of their prayer, the relief package arrived, there was no doubt it was from the Lord!

Tom, a fisherman from Buvuma islands, restricted from fishing at night because of curfew, his house completely flooded by the rising level of Lake Victoria, received the relief just in time, calling it a miracle for him and his family of thirteen.

Mugisha, from Kampala, a motorcycle taxi operator, out of work and in desperate need along with his wife and three children, was blessed by much-needed food and supplies.   

Fredrick, whose stationery business closed due to restrictions, was so grateful for the assistance received.

Kennedy, in northern Uganda, had only a meal for that day and one for the following day left when our partners reached out to her with resources.

Most High Mission – Ghana

  • 57 food baskets distributed, each one feeding a family of 5 for 2 weeks.
  • Items included bags of rice, beans, maize, beverages, sachets of milo, tins of milk, kilos of sugar, packets of tea bags, assorted detergents, canned food/fish, tomato paste, kilos of onions, bottles of cooking oil.
Your gift has shown your concern for the global community and we are so grateful for the difference you made during this challenging time.  May God continue to bless you and provide for you, as abundantly as you have done for all these families!


Leon, Jill, Trudy, and Kate
Global Horizons Office Staff


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