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Paraguay, South America

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Our Story

As a family, we heard God tell us to move from Washington State to Paraguay, South America.

Our mission is to “be with” the community, showering love and grace on each Paraguayan we meet, and trying to model what an intimate relationship with Jesus looks like.

Sam is currently teaching and serving as Spiritual Life Coordinator at Asuncion Christian Academy. We feel strongly that we are to be full of grace and love with these students, with the desire of showing God’s love to them. By investing in these students, we believe that God will use this time so that when they enter adulthood, they will bring the Kingdom of God into their workplaces and daily lives.

Outside of the classroom, we feel God leading us to serve and love the surrounding neighborhood by holding basketball camps. We hope to create a safe place to kids to have fun, connect, and learn about God’s love through having a relationship with them.

Our Impact


As a teacher and Spiritual Life Coordinator, we are working to create an atmosphere where students can voice what they are struggling with and feel safe to be known. Within this role, we are also able to equip the teachers and staff with a new vision to reach the students' hearts and see each day and conversation as an opportunity to live like Jesus: gentle, firm, and full of love and grace. As changes are being implemented, students are already voicing that they feel seen, heard, and valued.


We held our first camp with 50 kids attending. The camp was made up of instruction, sharing the Word, inviting them to our church, and providing dinner. We plan to continue this ministry by bringing it to different neighborhoods, especially those without a physical court or any opportunities to play basketball.

Your donation will introduce a school of children and their community to the love and grace of a relationship with Jesus.

"In 2020, God started whispering to our hearts that our next assignment was Paraguay for a minimum of 2 years. We didn’t go with a complete plan, but had a sense it would involve children’s ministry, assisting broken families, and sports outreach."                                                                                     - Sam Loewen

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