Indigenous Women's Ministry  

Ms. Esther Manyeyo A. Tawiah, Professor of Bible, Theology & Women’s Development

Girls receiving bibles

Our Story

Indigenous Women's Ministry consists of women of faith, evangelists and pastors, all working together, across different areas of Ghana. Many women in the rural areas do not have access to education or training so through Bible study groups we provide literacy and vocational training.

Our Impact

With a bible of their own and literacy training, the women are able to read the Word of God as it is written in the bible, rather than relying on others’ biblical perceptions or misconceptions.

Through our skills development programs, women acquire the tools to seek employment, such as making soaps or dresses. Through this, they grow spiritually and gain confidence.

Further training encourages women to become leaders in their villages to reach more women in need.

We have added mentoring services for young men, to share the gospel and be a source of support and encouragement.

Your donation enables us to offer bibles, literacy training, skills development for local women, and mentoring for young men.  

“This is the most precious gift I have received this year.”  -Pastor Stephen of Alikope upon receiving a donated Bible.   (Between January and May 2021 the ministry has given out over 70 bibles to churches and individuals. We are grateful to God and we thank our donors for this great support)

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