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Hope and a Future

Our Story

Zagreb Baptist Church is building trust between people groups within the local community of Zagreb, Croatia. This initiative is led by Mihal Kreko, who is both a pastor and a humanitarian, with a heart to be the church out in the community. He sees the doors of opportunity open when the community unites.

By bringing together a group of immigrants and locals, they transformed a former Communist police station that was old and worn down into the House of Hope. It’s been totally renovated and is now being used by the community for various events and classes that serve both kids and adults.

Our Impact

We are leading 3 main programs:

  1. Epic 21: mentoring/tutoring program for children aged 11-19, with events and camps.
  2. Let’s learn to Age: a program for the third generation, offering workshops for the elderly population on topics such as physical exercise and diet.
  3. New Neighbors: a program for users of international protection and foreigners in the Republic of Croatia

When refugees arrived from Iran we began creating many of our services to assist with various needs such as communication, jobs, housing, and space to share the gospel. Through New Neighbors we have hosted integration workshops, bible classes, church services, language classes, provided humanitarian care, and much more.

More recently refugees from Ukraine arrived fleeing from war. We stepped up to assist this group by providing emergency relief at the House of Hope. In addition, we have sent teams into Ukraine to deliver food, hygiene supplies, medicine, and rebuilding supplies.

Your donation will bring "the church" out into the community to serve unmet needs and strengthen relationships.

"We are bringing the Glory of the Lord, and hope and future to those we serve." - Pastor Mihal Kreko


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