Zagreb Baptist Church  

Justice, Love, and Hope

Our Story

We have a vision to be a community center with Zagreb Church as its heart. Our company was founded in 2011 as a SPV with the special purpose of providing facility and lease management. We consider ourselves part of a new generation of social entrepreneurs which is not only oriented towards business profit, but also includes many other important values.

In our business we advocate social innovation, as well as general human culture, art, music, education, recreation, sport, health, social and environmental concerns, in line with principles of subsidiarity and solidarity.

Our Impact

Our current focus has been on the asylum seeking refugees, primarily from the middle east (Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan). These individuals receive international protection in Croatia and plan to build their lives and spend their futures here.

We are demonstrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it’s power expressed through justice, love and hope for this population. We host Croatian language and culture classes as well as provide training/mentoring for employment.

Your donation will help us complete the final necessary steps to open the House of Hope, a center for gospel care for refugees and at-risk members of our community.

"We have seen many trials with construction, community response, financial burden and even global pandemic, but friends I'm excited to tell you the Lord has blessed our efforts and we are very, very close now." - Pastor Mihal


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