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“Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly…”  Micah 6:8

Happy Fall!
Wherever you are in the world, and whatever the temperature, we pray you are experiencing the warmth of Christ’s love at the turn of the season, as we bring you our GHI Fall 2020 Update.  
Check out the many ways God has been glorified this year through your partnership!

Featured Stories:
Results of COVID-19 Relief Fundraiser

The Coronavirus created a hunger crisis in the most vulnerable communities around the world. Many lost the jobs they relied on for purchasing daily food and, with no reserves to fall back on, were going without basic necessities. GHI partner projects were on the ground ready to provide relief and you answered that call.  With your help, our community pulled together to raise $15,000 total!  These gifts were able to touch:

  • A young boy in Kibera slums of Kenya who cried when he realized he’d be able to eat porridge again and not be hungry anymore.
  • 57 families in Ghana, 78 in Kibera slums, Kenya, 20 in Peru, 160 in India, and more in Cambodia, Uganda, Cuba, and South Africa.
  • Kennedy in northern Uganda who had only food for one day left when our partners reached out to her with resources.
  • 68 disabled and elderly women’s households.
  • A widow and her 3 children who were heavily in debt, helpless, and out of school.
  • And more!

To read the full report of all that God did through this effort, click here!

Introducing Heart of a Child Ministry!

GHI partners Jill (Riley) and Papo Jualis are serving as missionaries in Huaycan, Peru.  Jill previously served under her ministry Barefoot in Bogota, recently adjusting to form Heart of a Child Ministry in partnership with her husband Papo after they married last year.

Their mission is:

  • to make disciples wherever God sends them in the world, bringing hope and joy to the hopeless and hurting by serving, loving, and sharing with them the good news of the Gospel.
  • to live with the heart of a child towards God, characterized by awe, joy, focus and complete trust in Him, and to disciple others to live in this manner as well. (Mark 10:15)
  • to bring glory to God through their life and marriage, striving to be an example of the relationship between Christ and the Church.

Jill and Papo work with local church leadership to establish regular discipleship groups, Bible studies, small groups, children’s ministries, and prayer meetings, intent on training many to be disciple-makers!

To learn more, check out their webpage or their latest newsletter and pictures here!

Celebrating Big Anniversaries

Congratulations to two of our partner projects, Designed to Be Pillars and Global Capacities, who recently celebrated significant anniversaries in ministry work!

Designed to Be Pillars reached the milestone of 15 years of God’s faithfulness to their mission of equipping women leaders!

Frankly, at times I wondered if God would stretch me out so far that I would lose my marriage, my strength, my integrity…everything that I thought was worth holding on to. But there has not been a wall too high or a person too intimidating or a fear too insidious that the power of prayer and God’s Holy Spirit has not been able to deal with and pull me through.

Follow them on Facebook at

Global Capacities celebrated 20 years of ministry this year, and has supported God’s Kingdom on earth in a myriad of ways, from hurricane relief to mission consulting, orphan care, to church administration, and everything in between.

God equips us and uses what we give to Him. I fully surrendered and consecrated my life to His purposes 20-years ago and I continue to do so today…He has taught me, grown me, challenged me, and totally brought me to the end of my understanding and my abilities…I have never lacked anything thanks to your faithfulness. You are my partner. You are my hero. You have stood beside me through thick and thin. You have given sacrificially. You have not given up on me…I could not make it through without you.

To read more, click here!

GHI’s Justice and Mercy 5K/10K Run

On October 3rd, GHI’s Development Committee, Staff and Board pulled together to host the Justice and Mercy Run.   The event promoted GHI’s message of gospel-based reconciliation while also raising funds for the home office and their ongoing work of supporting world-wide projects.

The event followed COVID-safety guidelines and offered both in-person and virtual means of participation.  Participants were able to get some fresh air and enjoy the beautiful fall sights at Lake Phalen in St. Paul, MN, as well as hear from GHI’s CEO, former founder, and a couple local project leaders on the mission and heart behind what they do!

Thanks to everyone who participated and pulled together to make this event possible!

Racial Justice and Reconciliation

As many of you know, the death of George Floyd at the end of May, 2020, sparked a wave of hurt, grief, retaliation, prayer, discussion, sorrow, anger, confusion and more in the Minneapolis area and across the nation.

This spoke to something that has been a part of GHI’s purpose, heart and mission since its conception – the desperate need for racial reconciliation in our country and throughout the world.

GHI was founded in 1994 by Dr. Herbert Klem and Dr. Ralph Hammond, close friends who had taught many courses together on intercultural relationships and reconciliation.

From the beginning, our organization and partners have recognized that “we live in a broken world…filled with cultural lies that divide and abuse people in many ways.  Societies have developed perspectives that have resulted in dysfunction, relying on tradition and methods that contribute to brokenness…” That’s why GHI pursues “reconciliation horizontally between people and ideas through projects that provide interventions and development, vertically in reconciliation with God, and internally as people gain a life-giving perspective on who they are created to be.”   (GHI Leadership Statement, 2014)

Are you looking for training sessions or guest speaks for services? GHI can connect you with someone who will engage with your congregation on topics of racial justice and reconciliation.  Click here to learn more or contact us!

Our CEO, Leon Rodrigues, recommends two books by renowned author, Drew Hart, for anyone wanting to lean into the work of Racial Justice, compelled by faith to do something.  The texts are Trouble I’ve Seen: Changing the Way the Church Views Racism, and Who Will Be a Witness?  Learn more.

For more resources check out our former and current board member responses to this crisis:
Read Leon’s Facebook post, Pastor Colin Miller’s insightful Call for Unity, and watch Rev. Richard Coleman’s video Message for Minneapolis.  

From the Office:

Though there has been more than we bargained for in 2020 so far, we have been reminded by the love and support of those around us to

“have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”   Phil 4:6-7

How true this is, and yet, how hard to practice when there is so much suffering and need in our world! Fortunately, opportunities for thanksgiving have been abundant through the witness of all of your generosity and encouragement.

Highlights include:
  • Getting back to a couple days a week in the office together as staff, and appreciating greater ease of communication and fellowship!
  • Seeing our projects take initiative to support their struggling communities throughout the COVID crisis, and being encouraged by how many people God blessed through their willingness and your generosity!
  • Receiving a new wave of young and passionate volunteers over the last few months, from students helping project leaders to develop videos and design technological accessories, to others bringing vision and energy to the development committee and helping make the JAM run a success!
  • Visiting the George Floyd Memorial as a staff, and learning more about how to embody an enthusiastic and Christ-like response to the issues of racial reconciliation that hurt our world today.

Thank you for walking with us!

We are so grateful for you.  These stories are made possible through your generosity and we hope this update reminds you just how much God can multiply your generous “yes” to impact the world for good!

May He give you peace as 2020 draws to a close!

The GHI Staff
Leon, Jill, Trudy, and Kate

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things...And the God of peace will be with you.  
Phil. 4:8

P.S.   We want to hear how you’re doing at this time and how we can pray for you!  Respond to us with your news and prayer requests at and know that each week we are lifting your intentions up to our merciful Savior!

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