Featured Project: Barefoot in Bogota

Longing to be set free…

From Jill Riley:

Please pray for Javier!

I was able to help with a once-a-month park ministry giving out soup, a sandwich and a hot drink to the homeless tonight.

It was beautiful… You could truly feel the presence of God, and could see Him working in the lives of the people who came! Javier came and ate and talked with us for a while. He is addicted to drugs, and he hates it!

He is seeking God, and longs to be set free of his addiction, but all he can think about is getting his next fix.  He believes in God, but has never understood who He is or Who Jesus is, or what He did for him.  He listened enraptured with the news that God loves Him and wants to set him free! But he doesn’t know if he can get through the withdrawals.

Please pray that God will continue to work in his heart and will set him free from the chains of drugs and addiction!  Pray that God will heal his mind, soul, heart and body, and bring him out of the darkness, and let him shine like the diamond that he is! Thank you  🙂

Jill Riley is a missionary serving at Children’s Vision International Inc, an orphanage for children without a home, in Bogota, Columbia. Her personal mission is to “Go into all the world and make disciples”, and to “help the widows and orphans (and the poor and struggling) in their distress”.

She is an English teacher and passionately serves on the drama team. Jill leads and disciples the children through the drama team, as they share the gospel in churches and public parks, as well as some mountain villages and rural slums. The drama team partners with local churches to present Praise and Worship music, dance, drama skits, preaching and hands-on prayer.

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