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  • A mission trip update with North Central University students visiting GHI projects.
  • Exciting things you can do from home when you feel inspired by missions.
  • New Projects we’d like you to meet.

GHI Project Visits & Local Students on a Mission in Uganda

Photo: NCU students and Professor Nan Muhovich visiting Mbale Secondary School for the Deaf


Nan Muhovich, serves on the GHI board of directors and as professor at North Central University, shares her recap of the trip to Uganda:

May 23, 2023 I left Minneapolis airport for a 3 1/2 week trip to Uganda with 10 North Central University American Sign Language students, professors, and professional interpreters. Our goal? To learn Ugandan Deaf culture and sign language so that we could spend ten days with high school Deaf students in Mbale Secondary School for the Deaf.

We brought 8 flash drives with over 100 Ugandan Sign Language Bible Stories, 4 laptops to show them on, and created numerous dramas, and songs to share with the young people. We wanted to communicate three things:

  • God created you and you have dignity.
  • God loves you.
  • God provides for you.


Photo 1: Mission: Moving Mountains staff,   Photo 2: NCU students meeting the women of Kimwanga Widows.


I also had a chance to connect with GHI projects: Mission Moving Mountains, Jesus Film Ministry, and Kimwanga Widow’s Project.

Thirty-four widows from the Kimwanga Widow’s project came out for lunch and expressed their joy and appreciation for the 30 goats that have been donated as micro businesses for their individual support. Sadly they reported that five widows had lost houses in last year’s storms. Those women are currently seeking shelter with relatives with the hopes of rebuilding their homes. Thankfully two houses have been rebuilt. The widows have shown their success in goat care with many goats having had kids, even twins, to supplement their income.


Photos 1 and 2: healthy baby goats born in the Kimwanga Widows Project, Photo 3: One of the women at home with her children


Feel inspired after a mission trip?
Exciting things you can do from home.


After a mission trip, you might have returned home with your heart on fire to make a difference. Seeing how much the world needs the Gospel and hope of Jesus, can really get people excited to do something radical.

Or maybe you know mission travel is not for you and you are ready to serve in a new way from home. If this is you, we are so grateful for your enthusiasm, your experience, and your willingness to serve.

There are countless opportunities to keep doing good from your hometown. With the Lord’s leading, you can live out your higher calling by realizing your God-given mission.

Check out our article for all the details:
Feel Inspired After a Mission Trip? 9 Exciting Things to Do Next.


Meet our New Projects

We recently welcomed 4 new projects to serve under our nonprofit umbrella. Please take a couple of minutes to visit each project webpage and learn about the communities they serve and the challenges that these project leaders are taking on.

Full Life Training Center (FLTC) – Nepal

Teaching youth practical income-earning skills, sharing faith, and revitalizing the local community with biblical values.
Learn more

Care 4 Destitute Ministries Uganda (C4DMU)

Spiritual growth, education, health care (clean water initiative), and building capacity for self-help for the most vulnerable.
Learn more

Be With – Paraguay

Modeling what a relationship with Jesus looks like, for youth and the community.
Learn more

Equipping for Transformation – Global

Equipping Christian leadership to bring access to the gospel where it’s currently not known.
Learn more

Questions? We would love to hear from you.


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