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House of Hope

In the last newsletter we shared highlights from GHI project visits. We have another visit to tell you about from November when staff member, Jill Hall, traveled to Croatia.

Recap of Jill’s trip:

It is so hard to find words to encapsulate my trip to Zagreb to visit GHI Project Leader Mihal Kreko and the House of Hope.

For those who have never met Mihal, he is the founder and pastor of the Zagreb Baptist Church, and he has been a long-term GHI project leader. Mihal is a Pastor, a Visionary, a Networker, a Problem Solver, a Community Activist, a Theologian, to name a few. Mihal is a man of God with a huge heart for his city, his community, and for those most vulnerable: kids/youth, foreigners/refugees/immigrants, and the aging/elderly/hospice. While Mihal pastors the church his heart is to BE the church out in his community, working together with his community, and loving his community.

The work and ministry (and love) are very intentional for Zagreb Baptist Church and for its House of Hope (a former Communist police station) in the center of the community. The house has been totally renovated and is now being used by the community for various classes for kids, elderly, and immigrants. By providing food, shelter, clothing, church services, and language classes, it’s already brought hope to many Iranian and Ukrainian refugees alike.

It takes a community to do this work. Attempting to bring together people groups and different denominations has been a challenge. It has created roadblocks and shut down some of their projects. Mihal emphasizes the importance of building trust with those around us, including those who are different from us.

So be in prayer for the church in Zagreb as a light in their community. And if you or your church ever want to send a team and go to be part of what God is up to in Zagreb, we can help you make that connection.

To see videos and learn more about the House of Hope and Zagreb Baptist Church’s community work, visit:

Children’s Ministry Updates

More than 1000 children and families benefitted from your giving through the 2022 JAM (Justice and Mercy) Run. Here’s a rundown of the impact being made.

Cornerstone Academy – India

600 kids will have a playground at their Christian school.

The team has chosen this model for a slide and will also build swing sets. Construction is scheduled to begin at the end of February, with additional swings to be located in indoors. This is really exciting for the children who are eager to run around, swing, slide, and play.


Adulam Ministries – Mexico

18 kids living in the Adulam Ministries Children’s Home are receiving four months of nurturing care from the staff.

Rising prices for food, utilities, and everything else have made it difficult to cover staff salaries. This hard-working staff is a blessing to the operation of the home and serves as consistent adults in the lives of each of the children.


Institute for Faith and Gender Empowerment (IFAGE) – Kenya

Two groups of male and female youth joined IFAGE’s Teen Talk at a local church.

The workshop and peer-to-peer talks focused on sexuality, contraception, menstrual health, relationships, gender identity, body image, substance use awareness and mental health. They are providing youth with accurate, non-judgmental information so they can make healthier choices, especially to reduce teenage pregnancies.


Youngster For Christ Team – Kibera slum, Kenya

84 kids joyfully received their first pair of tennis shoes that will protect their feet from sharp objects in the streets.

34 families affected by drought received a meal (beans, cooking oil and rice) showing the heart and love of Jesus.

246 kids received a meal through the feeding program, listened to the storytelling of Jesus, and sang songs together.

“It’s amazing how God works with this donation. It brought tears to some families because many had been affected by the drought. On behalf of the Youngsters for Christ Team, we want to say a big thank you for making it possible for this to happen. We salute the givers and donors. God bless you.” – Pastor Sammy


Thank you JAM Run Sponsors:,,

Stephen and Susan Hanson, David and Nan Muhovich, Anna Munsterteiger, Leon and Sophie Rodrigues, Mark and Gayle Stage, Sherry and Bob Brenneman, Leyla Brenneman, Daan and Rebecca Klem, Angela Sabates and Jeffrey Berryhill, and Anna Muhovich

Volunteers – WE NEED YOU!

GHI is looking for volunteers to join projects’ US teams.

If you have a willingness to learn and excitement for missions, this may be for you.

Teams generally meet 3-4 x year (via video or in person). Team members can assist through prayer, editing newsletters, social media, encouragement, sending out mailings, or operations discussions.

The GHI office is available to assist you as a volunteer team member with any tasks you choose to take, just ask us. Contact Trudy for more information,



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