Featured Project: Cornerstone Academy Class Sponsorship

Cornerstone Academy of Manipur was launched in December 2009 and opened in February 2010 in order to provide high-quality K-10 Christian education for poor children and their families in the southeast corner of Manipur. Manipur is one of the seven states in northeast India, and borders Burma (Myanmar).

Multiple insurgencies and deeply entrenched corruption have bred a spirit of hopelessness that only Jesus and His people, utilizing education that honors Him, can break. Founders Thangboi and Kimsi Haokip hope that the children will embrace Christ, become leaders, and break the cycle of poverty and violence.

With a $30 sponsorship, children learn about Christ’s love, gain an excellent education, and avoid lives of prostitution, violence, and more poverty.

Cornerstone has 8 classes available for sponsorship. Sponsors receive two letters each year, along with annually updated class photos.

For questions or to be matched with a class, contact Rose Hexum, the Class Sponsorship administrator, at rosehexum@gmail.com or by calling  651-247-2618.

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