GHI Summer Newsletter 2021


We hope you are enjoying summer adventures, exploring, taking walks, splashing in the water, or just enjoying God’s creation.

(This photo is from Yellowstone National Park, taken by one of our staff members this month.)

GHI takes action! 

GHI is a fiscal sponsor for partner mission projects, providing administrative services and serving as their nonprofit umbrella.

Additionally, our board members and staff serve through GHI initiatives and projects out in the global community.

The Knowledge Box
opens doors in developing countries

The Knowledge Box is a GHI initiative led by board member Daan Klem with a mission to bring technology to areas without resources or infrastructure. The GHI Knowledge Box contains an inexpensive computer device called Raspberry PI. It provides access to downloaded materials without an expensive computer or internet.

This means for a very low cost the devices provide access to instructional materials and other content, which can be easily distributed in developing countries.

The Knowledge Box has set up these devices in Mexico and Africa where they are being used in orphanages, a seminary school, and other institutions.

Last month the Knowledge Box partnered with Shawn Carlson and Sheri Richards from Time to Revive (TTR) to find a better way to distribute their training materials and Bible study guides to Christian communities in remote areas of the world.

Daan uploaded their content onto the GHI Knowledge Box (Raspberry PI device loaded with content materials) and provided a demonstration in late May. They spent the past several weeks building out improved website designs using this as a template.

The TTR team was so excited about how this will change their ability to provide resources around the world that they celebrated with a ‘”Raspberry Pie” party! (Photo provided by Sheri Richards)

Another partnership for the Knowledge Box has been working with computer architecture interns facilitated by GHI Board member Colin Miller, professor at North Central University. This group of interns created duplication towers able to replicate downloaded content using simple 5 volt DC power.

The low cost of the towers, at only $200 each, makes them very affordable to keep up with content demands in remote areas. Kudos to the interns for their dedication and design!

The Knowledge Box has also received the support of interns from Bethel University and Trinity College. The extra hands have helped expand the capabilities and reach of the program.

Learn more about the Knowledge Box or contact Daan:

Students experience Uganda

Global Studies professor and GHI Board member, Dr. Nan Muhovich, took a team of 9 students from North Central University to Uganda for 4 weeks in May. Students were there to assist GHI partner project Mission: Moving Mountains (MMM).

The students lived in MMM host homes to learn the local language and learned about community development from MMM trainers and staff. NCU students also brought 10 Knowledge Boxes from GHI to use with rural youth groups in MMM projects throughout the Mbale region.

Traveling with the group was Autumn Snyder, North Central student, and GHI office intern. Autumn’s reflection from the trip:

“Uganda was absolutely amazing! I learned so much. I think the main way I saw the Lord there was in the community. The people display God’s love so well and, while no community is perfect, I think they exemplify what God intended a community to be like.

I also experienced His grace, faithfulness, and friendship so deeply. Working with M:MM was such a blessing and honor. The people there welcomed us with open arms and they all felt like family when we left. Learning from them was also amazing. They do incredible work!”

Registration is open!

Join us for the 2nd Annual JAM Run!

When: Sept. 11th, 2021 at 10 am
Where: Lake Phalen in St. Paul.

You can walk, run, or even rollerblade. It’s an event for all ages. Dogs on leashes are welcome.

Register here today: JAM Run page.

NEW!!! This year we will also be having an online ART auction. There will be art from local artists and ethnic pieces from around the globe. We will be updating the auction with more items all summer.

Bidding starts Sept. 1st and ends at the start of the JAM Run.

Preview auction items at Bidding Owl:

Has God placed a mission project on your heart?
Are you ready to take action?

GHI can help you get set up quickly.
There’s no need to set up your own nonprofit. GHI was created to come alongside Christians with a vision to go out into the world and make change. We will act as your nonprofit umbrella.
That means:

  • You can apply for grants.
  • You can accept donations through our website.
  • You will have an online webpage for your project.
  • We will track and send receipts to your donors.
  • We will provide efficient bookkeeping.
  • We will be available for coaching and mentoring needs.
  • We offer marketing support and fundraising advice.

GHI provides legal administrative services and infrastructure, so you don’t have to worry about those pieces. You get to spend more time on your mission.

Learn more and apply here:

Contact us with any questions:

Global Horizons Inc. has 28 years of experience as a fiscal sponsor for local and international projects.

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