Featured Project: Christian Brotherhood Church – Sudan

Pastor Nikolao Vuni is the District Director for the Christian Brotherhood Church. He supports leaders in the Brotherhood Church as they reach out to their communities with a much needed voice for community reconciliation, in a time of challenges and turmoil.

Wait to see the changes that God will bring…

March 2017

Dear Friends,

Greetings in Jesus’ Name. We trust by the help of the Lord you are all doing well as we are here in Juba.

I and Tabita returned to Juba at the beginning of the month. We were in Uganda to be with our grandchildren for about one and a half months. We came back and found the other children and the people of the church well.

Here in Juba on the 10th of March the President called for a National Day of Fasting and Prayer, kind of like what the king of Nineveh did during the time of Prophet Jonah. He asked God for forgiveness of whatever he had done wrong for the people of South Sudan. The Speaker of Parliament prayed for all the Parliamenterians asking God to forgive them. One Minister prayed for the Cabinet, a millitary officer prayed for the army, asking God to forgive. I was asked to pray for all the organized forces, people in uniform and bearing arms. Others prayed for different sectors.

We are now waiting to see what changes God will bring to our country because of the prayers. We need change for the better for this country.

We are so thankful to God that since before Christmas till now we do not hear gunshots at night, or hear of people being killed or robbed at night. People have begun to sleep outside in their compounds again because of the heat at night. Pray that this quiet may continue.

Thank you all for remembering us and praying for us.


Nikolao & Tabita Vuni.


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