Featured Project: Grace Community Development Agency (GCDA)

A New Life For Christ –

This is Jaro Maza, a 22 year-old man pictured with a group of African traditional religion, occultic group of masquerades.

Jaro was part the traditional religion before he gave his life to Christ. He was initiated into this cult at a young age. He possessed very evil supernatural powers.

I had met him four years ago during a pump repair trip near his village, Kwaama in Bauchi state, North East part of Nigeria. After two other visits, I referred him to a local evangelist and church planter. We had been praying that the day would come when he would give his life to Christ.

What a joyful moment when this picture was given to me yesterday.

A new man, and new creation.

No more a worshiper of ancestral deities, or the devil himself. African Traditional Religion is still practiced in some of villages where we minister the gospel.

One more soul rescued from the kingdom of darkness.

We intend to make sure proper discipleship is done, and Jaro Maza can be a witness to others still in bondage of idolatry.Prayers are able to free some who have been chained by Satan. ‎GCDA continues to break these chains, one Jaro Maza at a time.

In Christ,

Silas Dauji, Project Leader of GCDA

Grace Community Development Agency (GCDA) is an NGO that exists to help the rural people of North-Central Nigeria. It strives to reconcile people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds by providing social services that encourage communities to come together for the greater good.

Their work has provided access to clean water through wells, medical screenings, clinic visits and training for religious leaders.

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