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April 23, 2017

Please continue to pray for my mentoring ministry

This week: HAITI

There is a light rain falling again today in Port au Prince. We arrived yesterday afternoon. The vision of Haiti Teen Challenge, my partner, is to spur growth in young men and women through transformation in their relationship with God, restoration in their valued purpose, commitment to service to others and integrity in their lives.

This week I’ll be working a lot alongside Erick Pierre Val, the program director, to identify key developmental outcomes in the lives of students. Relevant, measurable outcomes will then form the basis of an improved strategic planning process.

I will also continue training a group of HTC graduates who want to see transformation occur in Bolosse, one of the most impoverished and violent sectors of Port au Prince. In the past two months there have been multiple gang related murders there.

  1. For my role in developing Erick in his leadership capacity.
  2. For the Holy Spirit’s leading as we identify key outcomes in the lives of HTC students.
  3. For encouragement and clear direction for the Bolosse Impact Club whom I will be training.

(Snippet taken from Joe Fry’s April prayer letter.)

ACT Worldwide’s primary methodology will involve discipling individuals and groups toward reconciliation of four broken relationships that characterize poverty: man with God, man with man, man with himself, and man with the environment.

ACT Worldwide is led by Joe Fry.

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