Featured Project: Most High Mission

Most High Mission works to bring the message of reconciliation and transformation through the gospel, to rural poor communities, in Ghana.


Summary from Jacob’s First Quarter Letter 2017:

Most High Mission - Church planting - WodomeChurch Planting

We planted two churches at Sogakope and Wodome respectively. The Sogakope church started with 2 families and now has 30 souls at each service.

After 4 days of house-house evangelism at Wodome, the Sunday service began with 34 adults and 25 children.

Revival Meetings

Revival meetings took place in five separate communities, mainly peasant farming communities.

For 4 days, a total of 345 souls gathered each day for teaching, deliverance, and healing services.

Many young couples who are cohabiting have started coming to the altar.

Most High Mission School

We enrolled 29 new students in school. 11 others have dropped out of school because their parents/guardians cannot afford the $ 0.80 a day.

We are able to clothe and pay for several of them from our own meager resources. Enrollment now stands at 130 after it dropped from 100 to about 57 before the close of the last academic year.

Most High Mission - twinsCharity

The Mission is feeding and clothing 9 months old twins who lost their mother after a week of delivery.

In addition, we intend to support more single mothers whose children do not have any future if no help is extended to them.

Needs/Prayer Requests

Needs of the Mission are overwhelming. Nonetheless we are into “faith work”, for faithful is he who calls and sends. Pray with us:

  1. School children to grow in grace and in the knowledge Jesus Christ.
  2. Financial provisions to build and maintain school/charity work.
  3. Sponsorship for our church planters.
  4. To reach many other villages with the gospel of the kingdom.

This project is led by Jacob Hiagbe.

For read the full update, photos, and information visit: Most High Mission.