Featured Project: I grew up in Food For His Children

“My mama was loving enough to engage me in support services to women groups in the community. The experience was so touching and her dedication and love for women taught me the lasting lessons.  It was not long before I came to realize my call; Helping people in need as I serve God.

I am Honorina Honorati, have been with FOOD FOR HIS CHILDREN as a Program Manager for 8 years now. When I first joined the FOOD FOR HIS CHILDREN Team back in 2011, my heart opened and I felt like crying for the blessings that God presented to me in my right time of need. This was a blessing that came naturally into my life. In that moment, I asked God a number of questions like, why did you choose me over all graduates with Bachelor and Master’s Degree? What do you need me to do to your Children Lord? BUT why? I was curious for the answers that I can fulfill God’s purpose for the wonderful Gift that he presented to me…

I grew-up in FFHC to bear witness on how people’s lives have been transformed as a result of FFHC community interventions. The youth have come to realize the need to have a dream and dreaming BIG towards their future with a helping hand of FOOD FOR HIS CHILDREN. Women, Men and Elders have grown in confidence and opened their mind, heart and eyes into developing practical goals, plans to overcome life challenges and convert them into opportunities that foster personal and collective growth and robustness to life experiences.”

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Food For His Children provide holistic community development in Tanzania.

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