Featured Project: EFOGE on TV News

Rev. Domnic Misolo, director of Ekklesia Foundation for Gender Education (EFOGE),  was interviewed by TV news in Rwanda.

The interview followed EFOGE’s 3-day conference on gender equality.

EFOGE works to change attitudes and practices that lead to oppression and violence against women. They provide training for church leaders and communities to understand the equal worth of men and women from a biblical perspective.

“Many faith actors often use sacred texts to justify male leadership and dominance in the church and society as God’s ideal. In this way and at this level, faith community contributes in the devaluation, violence, and abuse of the female human agency. However, the same faith groups have the potential to interpret scriptures and religious texts correctly to end violence against women and girls.” – Rev. Domnic Misolo

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EFOGE is a Global Horizons Inc. partner project.